19 July 2015

Ready for School

It's such a shame that we had to take these photos indoors because it was raining intensely last week. My classes were suspended in the afternoon, while this cutie had to go to school despite the rain. Here's one of the rare instances when you'll see Zack in pants. I normally let him wear shorts since they're more comfortable to move in. But I figured that it would be cold in his classroom, hence, the pants. I have yet to buy this kid a regular denim jeans cause all of his pants are colored and they're quite hard to mix and match.

Shirt: Gap Kids, Pants: Grizzly, Shoes: Creme Shoes from Budget Fit, Bag: Adidas

We've received a number of bags as gifts during Zack's first, second, and third birthday parties and I am happy that we could now put them to use. This one is an adorable Mickey Mouse bag from Adidas. We just put his snacks and lunch there since he leaves his school materials at their classroom. For next year, we could finally use the cute Robby Rabbit stroller bag that we got during his second birthday. So exciting!

Hope you like this outfit post! ;)

XO, Mish

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