10 July 2015


I guess one of the perks of being a kid is that they could pull of weird color combinations without looking weird. If I would be the one to wear a bright orange top and blue pants, I would probably look very funny. :)  Anyway, here's one of Zack's outfit shots that I took last week. I think I still have two more sets from last week. I wasn't able to take photos of Zack this week though because he only went to school on Monday and he got sick and there has been class suspensions for the rest of the week. He's doing well now, by the way.

Top and Shorts - Target Australia, Shoes - Creme from Budget Fit
He doesn't want to take outfit shots anymore. :p
Sorry but the wafer sticks are not going anywhere. :)

Shirt and shorts are Zack's go-to outfit for school. I usually pair the shorts with collared shirts to make him look more presentable. There are times when I make him wear pants but I pair it with something laid back, like a round neck shirt. As of now, he only has two pairs of canvas shoes that I interchange (this pair and the blue pair from his last outfit post). I don't think there's a need to get him tons of shoes since he'll outgrow them in no time. It is always nice and practical to mix and match clothes and shoes to come up with a fresh and stylish look.

XO, Mish

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  1. Cute outfit, he looks great!

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