17 June 2015

Making the Switch with LED Card Lamps

As a mom, I constantly make changes around the house as Z grows. I am sure that other moms out there could relate to this. There are several home decors that need to be changed or replaced as time passes by. For example, we are accustomed to sleeping with lights on because of Z. Now, I think we are ready to switch to lamps during bed time. Of course, there is nothing wrong with sleeping with lights on. But turning it off can be a good practice for parents and kids in teaching the latter how to save energy later on. One good way to make the transition fun and exciting for kids is to use LED Card Lamps

If you have not heard about LED Card Lamps yet, they are basically lamps that are as small as a credit card. But there is nothing really minor about its numerous features. First of all, it is lightweight and very compact. Several could fit in a bedside desk. It could probably be even mounted on your kids’ bedroom wall as a wall decor. It also comes in different colors, shapes, and styles such that would surely amuse your kids. Among the styles that are available are stars, bulbs, rabbits, hearts, and several others. The best thing about this LED Card Lamp is that it is extremely affordable. One costs $0.69 with free worldwide shipping at http://www.gearbest.com/

This product is very easy to use, too! Just pop up the cutout of the LED Card Lamp and it will instantly provide you with light. The batteries can be replaced too so you do not have to dispose the product itself every time it runs out of power. These are indeed perfect decors for kids’ bedrooms because they themselves could operate it easily. Home improvement and adapting to our kids’ needs and progresses are now made easy with the help of numerous products that are available online. Looking for more home decor aside from LED Card Lamps? Check out more home decor HERE!

XO, Mish

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