21 June 2015

Fresh and Mint

I love how the word mint's several meanings seem appropriate for this blog post. For one, I am wearing a mint green top and second, I feel like I am in mint condition after our quick vacation at Batangas. Vacations and getaways are indeed fast means to feel at ease and to remove all the stress we get from our everyday lives.  Even though school hasn't started yet for me, I feel so bothered and worried all the time about my grades, Z, my blog, and all sorts of things that probably does not even matter. I may seem so secure and sure of myself, but there are times when I doubt myself and everything that's going on with me. 

Forever 21 top, Layla Sunglasses from Sunnies by Charlie, Bershka Shorts from Bikini Wave, Jelly Nelly Sandals

There are times when I fear for the future. After becoming a mom, it was then I realized that anything, good or bad, could happen at anytime and even when you least expect it. I always tell myself to stop worrying and to just keep calm. Despite all that reminder, I always end up overthinking all the time. It probably has something to do with how I wanted things to be perfect all the time. 

The surprising thing about perfection is that it comes to us in the most unexpected way possible. Nothing will make sense to you until everything has been done. Opportunities tend to show themselves when we least expect them. What seem to be a hardship will provide us something great. What we perceive as perfect may not really be meant for us. It may be frustrating. But I believe that we would always end up getting what we deserve and we only deserve what is truly best for us.

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I guess it is true that the reason why people go on vacations and retreats is to find themselves. It may seem cliche but these really seem therapeutic to me. It is only in solitude will you be able to remind yourself of your purpose and goals. No distractions, just being alone in peace. It will help you forget what is bad so that you'll be able to face everything when you go back with a fresh and positive mind. 

I know this post does not seem to make sense cause it's supposed to be an outfit post. But I just wanted to share how real I am; that I have struggles and insecurities just like any other woman and I am doing my best to over come them. This quick vacation has indeed helped me freshen up my mind to make me ready for the coming school year. I truly hope we all find peace within ourselves.

XO, Mish



  1. I love your style here... Namiss ko tuloy and summer hehe... BTW, I followed you on lookbook! :)

  2. Love this look. The dress looks perfectly fine on you. :) I love the mint color <3


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