23 May 2015

Finding Myself in my Writing

I know I look happy and all in these photos so I don't think this blog post would really make sense. But I just want to do a random post like I used to do and share my thoughts about how was blogging for me lately. Initially, I created this blog as a channel for me to express myself and to share my experiences as a mom. As I have shared in my previous blog posts, I wanted to do a mommy blog but I feel like I was too young to do that. I ventured into fashion blogging but it was too much work especially since I was taking care of a kid and dealing with law school. Eventually, I ended up with lifestyle or general blogging where I was able to work with more people and meet new friends. However, I felt like I lost my craft in the process. 

The more I earn or received perks from my blog, the more I defeated the purpose of creating it. I mean it is nice to receive those, but I felt like I was no longer writing for myself. I wanted to express more of me in my writing, but I ended up writing for brands and events that I got associated with. 

I also felt like that there was a competition. There was always a constant need to improve. However it does not pertain to my writing, but as to how I take my photos, present them on my blog and social media accounts, or on how I promote my blog as a brand itself. It was not really what I envisioned when I started this blog.

I had so much passion for writing when I started this blog and I still do until now. But I ended up doing less for myself because I was busy doing things that sometimes do not even matter to me. Of course, I still enjoy doing events and meeting other people, especially moms. It is only through blogging that I get to meet more moms since most of my friends who are my age aren't parents yet. But I am finally learning how to say no. I'm trying to write only the things that I want to share and attend only those events that interest me.

I hope no one would ever have to lose their passion because of pressure and competition. It's one of the saddest thing that could happen to a person - to lose your spirit. For me, blogging is the one of the ways wherein I could be creative. Honestly, reading materials in law school and making compositions in law school is so formal that you can't entirely be creative. Blogging is the exact opposite. It used to be my stress reliever.

Please let me know if you'd appreciate it if I write more personal posts because I have so much to share to all of you, especially when it comes to being a young single mom. I often get asked how I survive with everything that's going on with me or how I maintain my strength despite my situation and I felt like those are the things that I wanted to share to you. Of course, I don't think I would be able to post as often as I wanted to, but be assured that what I wrote in my blog would come from my heart.

Let me know what you think! :)

XO, Mish


1 comment:

  1. Hi ms mish!
    I'd love to read more posts like this soon. Something personal <3


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