28 April 2015

Dressing Up for Summer

Dressing up is one of the most exciting things about summer. It's that time of the year when we get to take our shorts and bikinis out of the closet! However, there are certain instances where we have to dress more formal and appropriately for the event. In such cases, we need not sacrifice comfort to cope up with the occasion. The key to dressing up for summer is to choose the material of your clothes wisely. The unbearable heat prevents us from piling on clothes and it is simply uncomfortable to move when our clothes are made of materials that are not appropriate for the weather.

Top and pants from Romwe.com, Shoes from SM Dept Store

If you could, keep things simple. Especially for moms with young kids like me, it is preferable to skip the unnecessary accessories that could be uncomfortable for you and could likewise harm your kids. The best that you could do is add color to your outfit. You could wear bright colored tops or bottoms that would surely catch everyone's eye. There are also printed coordinates available online that are perfect for summer. However, I personally prefer basic colors because they seem cooler to wear. 

Hype this look!

I still don't think I could wear denim pants during summer. As I have previously mentioned in my blog, I have a feeling that it is impossible to move in my jeans when it is hot. But if you must, you could wear comfortable pants made of cotton or any similar kind of material. This one from Romwe is my most comfortable pair of pants! It's almost like leggings, but without the sheerness of the fabric. For tops though, you could don cotton camis or sleeveless blouses that would surely keep you cool during the day. And if you need to cover up, a cardigan would be perfect. 

As much as possible, I refrain from wearing closed shoes during summer. I am more comfortable in wearing sandals and flip flops during the hot weather. But when I have to wear closed shoes, I prefer shoes which are made of canvas material 'cause they are more comfortable to wear during the hot weather, especially when you'll be wearing them the entire day. Boots can also be worn during summer (a la Coachella). But be sure to choose one in which your feet could breathe like these pair of ankle boots from ZALORA's Marketplace. 

Dressing up for summer does not necessarily mean sacrificing fashion for comfort. It is still possible to look trendy despite the heat. With the appropriate piece of clothing, you could definitely rock summer in style!

XO, Mish


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