06 April 2015

2015 Wedding Dress Trends and Styles

Last year, mermaid wedding dresses have become a really huge hit. It was undeniably popular with a huge number of brides, especially when it comes to celebrity weddings. While it remains a favorite among risk-taker and figure-loving brides, the off-shoulder look also has seemed to have made its entrance this year. What sets this kind of style from other kinds of neckline is that off-shoulder wedding dresses are appropriate enough for any kind of ceremony, especially for church weddings, since it covers areas that need to be covered. It is subtly sexy by showing a little bit of skin, yet it is conservative enough to keep up with tradition.

The latest styles in wedding dresses this 2015 have indeed shifted as the days go by. During the first quarter of 2015, I have noticed though that wedding dresses are more focused on the details above anything else. The cut and color just comes in second or third and is not the main focus of the brides anymore. It is such a deviation from what we have previously got accustomed to since brides are more particular with how their dress would appear from afar.

Among the intricate details that can be incorporated in a wedding dress, my favorites are the ones found at the back of the dress and the train of the wedding dress. Any detail could actually make the dress one of a kind. It could be an elegant lace detail or an intricate beadwork. The back of the dress is not really what you first see in a bride. As the bride walks down the aisle, it nevertheless helps to make that lasting impression on everyone. As regards the train, the length itself could make the dress. A long one is perfect for indoor and more intimate ceremonies, while short ones could be perfect for outdoor weddings such as beach and garden weddings. To see more of the latest style in wedding dresses this 2015, visit: http://www.dressv.com/.

XO, Mish


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