08 January 2015

Welcome, 2015!

Not yet done with my exams, but I just had the urge to post something lol. I usually start the year with a "New Year" post, but I didn't have time during the past few days to make one. I hope you don't mind if it is 8 days late. Honestly, 2014 wasn't the best year for me. It was filled with unexpected challenges, failures, and disappointments. And I don't feel like elaborating on them anymore. Nevertheless, I had good times last year as well. I was able to meet tons of new people through school and blogging. I was able to accomplish some goals and I made a lot (as compared to last year) through blogging. I guess we just really can't have it all.

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For this year, I just wanted to delete anything unnecessary from my life and focus on things that really matter. I keep on trying to let people and things into my life which do not deserve to be there. I just pray for patience and wisdom so that I'll make the right decisions.

Anyway, as a tradition, I'll be sharing some of the goals that I wanted to accomplish for this year. I think I was able to accomplish three out of the ten goals I have set last year. Not that I was not able to do anything about them, they just did not materialize this year. So I am adding them again to my list this year. :)

1. Survive law school!!!
2. Save enough money for Guam - halfway there!
3. Learn how to cook at least 5 dishes.
4. Attend a dance class - Wanted to try out pole dancing for the longest time
5. Go to the beach!
6. Make a song cover playing the ukulele lol.
7. Be fit (and probably have Coleen Garcia's abs :p)
8. Keep focused!
9. Be the best mom to Z. :)
10. To be patient!

I figured that I should cross out last year's number 10 because it'll eventually happen when the right person comes. My goal is just to be patient this year so that I could wait for that to happen. Crossing my fingers on all of these cause I know this year won't get any easier.

Hoping everyone a great year! :)

XO, Mish

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  1. a song cover of you playing a ukelele sounds good! :)


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