17 December 2014

Details and Embellishments to Make your Evening Dress Stand Out

Details and embellishments in an evening dress play a huge part in making it seem like a one of a kind creation. Aside from the color and cut of the dress, it is one of the aspects of such dress that people would first notice. Thus, it is important that we pay attention to these details. Here are some specific details and embellishments embodied in the latest sexy evening dresses online that would help you stand out from the rest of the crowd:

1. Embroidery
If you are going for an elegant look, a dress with a nice embroidery on it will help you achieve such. What I love about embroidery is that it will help you come up a unique look without trying too hard. It is likewise very safe for extremely formal ceremonies. It is not sparkly so it does not attract too much attention, but the detail in dress will surely make everyone turn their heads to have a second look.

2. Lace
Lace is perfect for donning a sophisticated look. If there is any fashion trend as regards evening dresses that will never go out of style, it would definitely be lace! Depending on how it is materialized in the dress, it could help exude a sexy look with a full body lace detail or an elegant one by placing the lace in specific parts of the body.

3. Sequins
For someone who is bold and not afraid to go all-out, sequins is perfect for you. This shiny detail would definitely help you get everyone’s attention without any effort. However, this kind of evening dress should be avoided in extremely formal gatherings. If possible, wear long evening dresses instead of short cocktail dresses with sequins for a classier vibe.

4. Beading
Beading has been part of most of the dresses I have seen online. However, this one is definitely the most complicated to make among the embellishments mentioned in this post. But with a unique design, a dress could definitely become an amazing artwork worth looking at.

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XO, Mish

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