21 December 2014

Back in Black

Hello loves! It has been a (long) while since I last made an outfit post. It's because I rarely have time to take outfit photos lately. And I have somewhat shifted into lifestyle blogging which is more convenient me as schedule has become busier. Fashion blogging takes so much time - from choosing an outfit, taking the photos, editing them, and coming up with a blog post. Whereas with lifestyle blogging, I could come up with any post that does not need much work and I am able to meet more moms as compared to fashion blogging. I think that's the best part of that shift.

Anyway, I finally decided to share another outfit post because the dress I'm wearing in these photos deserves a space on my blog. It was something I wore to a relative's wedding a few weeks ago. I borrowed this dress from a friend, but this one is a custom made Leonard Co gown. She and her sisters are my go-to people when I need something formal to wear. Her older sister actually lent me her own custom made gown which I used for prom when I was in high school. I'm extremely grateful to them!

I actually did my own makeup although I don't know how to cause I didn't want to spend on that anymore. I just changed lipsticks cause I wore a natural shade during the church ceremony and donned a darker shade during the reception at Manila Hotel. By the way, I am using my prescription Geo Nudy Brown lenses from Pinkyparadise.com so I won't have to use glasses anymore. Here's the link to my review: http://www.mishrendon.com/2014/10/pinkyparadisecom-geo-nudy-brown-ch-624.html.

Hype this look:

I opted for very minimal accessories cause my dress already attracts too much attention by itself. Of course, any outfit won't be complete without my Classic Sheffield Lady Watch from Daniel Wellington. I literally use this one in every special occasion that I attend. 

Lastly, my outfit won't be complete without my newly manicured nails! I had the chance to try out Posh Nails' Whitening Manicure which I'll be reviewing in my blog soon. For my nail polish, they applied Essie nail polish. I just forgot the name of the shade lol! But my red nails are a nice contrast to my all black outfit. 

Hope you like this look!

XO, Mish


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