28 October 2014

Pinkyparadise.com - Geo Nudy Brown CH-624 Review

Hello guys! If you have noticed, I've been posting everyday since last week. It's because I'm on my semester break and I have to cope up with my blogging backlogs and schedule blog posts for the entire November while I still have time. Anyway, I'll be reviewing my latest pair of circle lens - Geo Nudy Brown - in this post. This one's sponsored by Pinkyparadise.com. If I am not mistaken, Geo Nudy is one of the first series Geo came up with the together with the Geo Angel series.

Info about Geo Nudy Brown at Pinkyparadise.com

Diameter: 14.0mm / 14.2mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Life Span: 1 year disposal

Packaging and service: 

I've never really had problems with regard to communicating with Pinky Paradise since they were very prompt in responding to my emails. They even let me choose the pair I'll be reviewing and luckily, they carry prescription contact lenses. Anyway, these lenses arrived around three weeks after they were sent to me by Pinky Paradise, which was within the time frame (14 to 25 days) given to me. Unfortunately, I wasn't informed by my local post office that there were already packages for me with them so I wasn't able to claim them immediately. 

As regards the packaging, the lenses were safely placed in styro-like wraps and came with this cute animal case. I prefer using clear cases though so you could see if the lenses have already dried up. Nevertheless, the package came to me complete and with no damage whatsoever. They are also the right prescription for my eyes. More importantly, they came with the velcro-like hair accessory that I love to bits!

Color, Design, Enlargement and Comfort:

With flash
Without flash, natural lighting
Without and with lenses

Despite being brown circle lenses (which are the ones closest to my natural eye color), they still made a whole lot of difference. The color of the lenses is more of a light brown shade though it kinda look grey-ish in the photo. I love how the color matches the my natural eye color which helps give off the right amount of brown that is just perfect for everyday. I cannot say it is as natural looking as the Geo Fresh Brown lenses I have previously tried, but this one is more natural looking than most of the lenses that I have tried and is still wearable during daytime with eye makeup.

I find the print really weird though. It seems like some parts of the lenses are clear with spots of brown in it. It looks really nice from afar, but you could see the print very clearly up close. Moreover, my eyes are too small for the size of the lenses. Thus, you could see my dark eyes from behind because of how translucent these lenses appear. I have mixed feelings about this lenses because of how fake it looked on me.

As regards the enlargement effect of the lenses, these are only 14.00 mm lenses but they clearly make my eyes appear larger. However, with the print of the lens, you could see how small my eyes are as compared to the lenses. Nevertheless, these lenses are great with regard to comfort. I wore them for 6 hours straight the first time and I didn't have to put solution on my eyes during the entire time. They're easy to put on and remove, as well.

More photos:

Top from Romwe.com

If you are looking for a natural looking lens without sacrificing comfort, Geo Nudy Brown might be the one for you! To check out the rest of lenses that Pinkyparadise offers, visit their sites:

XO, Mish

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  1. Wow, you look lovely Mish, and I love your eyebrows!


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