22 October 2014


When I was younger, I refrain from wearing blue because I thought it would make me look darker. I know that it was silly and naive, but I was just scared to look odd. I used to be so insecure of myself. I'd notice every single thing about myself that I didn't like and I'd hate it. Later on, I was able to finally embrace myself and my flaws. Not wholly and instantaneously, but one by one. I guess the acceptance comes with growing old. Thank God I was able to maintain my 18-year old body though lol!

Dress - Yoyomelody, Sandals - Juju from Asos, Watch - Daniel Wellington, Necklace - Bellast

Anyway, this beautiful blue dress was sent to me by Yoyomelody.com. I actually chose it and I was definitely not disappointed with my choice. The material is made of cotton so the fabric is decently thick. It appears sturdy as well. The length is just appropriate for school (although I think that it was meant to be shorter). I love the zipper detail on the back. The low scoop together with the zipper detail is just a sexy match!

Hype this look!

The rest of the outfit comprises of my favorite watch from Daniel Wellington and necklace from Bellast. I just like to keep everything simple and wearable outside. I am also wearing my new Juju Seven glitter sandals which I got from Asos. It is actually my favorite pair of sandals as of now lol! It's just super cute and it goes well with everything. It's not that comfortable to wear though cause of the edges of the slippers so I make sure that I put plasters on my feet before wearing it. Other than that, it is just perfect!

Hope you like this look! :)

XO, Mish



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