10 September 2014

Wedding Dress Trend: Lace and Mermaid

If there’s a style for formal and wedding dresses that has become quite a trend nowadays, it would definitely be the hip-hugging and figure-loving mermaid style dress. No matter what a woman’s body type is, this kind of design never fails to show off one’s curves in a good way. This kind of style exudes just the right amount of sexiness and it gives off an elegant and glamorous vibe. For formal gatherings, mermaid style dresses in a solid color is classy and suitable for any occasion. You’ll definitely stand out with such style, especially if you’ll wear it in a bold color. For weddings, I prefer this one to be made up of lace material. The combination of the mermaid style and the lace material is just perfect! It will give the bride a dramatic vibe with a touch of sexiness and classiness. Most importantly, it is very flattering and the groom (and everyone else) would definitely not be able to take his eyes off his bride. Anyway, here are my favorite sexy mermaid wedding dresses at DressV:

Shopping at DressV is very easy and convenient. There are tons of designs, colors, and sizes to choose from. You may even have your dress customized so that you will be able to get what the style that you want in the size that would fit you like a glove. See more of the wedding dresses at DressV here: http://www.dressv.com/.

XO, Mish

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