18 August 2014

Formal Dress Trend: Cutouts

It is not everyday that we are given the chance to wear elegant formal dresses. So when given a chance to wear one, it is just right to seize the opportunity to show people your glamorous side. There may be numerous formal dresses available in the market right now, but there is nothing more eye catching than dresses with cutouts on them. While these dresses may appear to be simple, the cutout nevertheless gives these dresses more character. Cutouts just help you exude a subtle sexiness that is still classy yet bold. Here are some of the sexy homecoming dresses from DressV that I absolutely love:

I believe that cutouts must be strategically placed in the dress so that it would not look too sexy or cheap. This must be taken into consideration especially if you are to attend a formal gathering which requires a strict dress code. Personally, I prefer dresses with cutouts in the back because they do not look trashy at all. Yet, dresses with cutouts in the back look effortlessly elegant and sexy at the same time. With that cutout in the dress, everyone will surely turn their heads once you pass by!

Visit http://www.dressv.com to see more formal dresses!

XO, Mish

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