15 May 2014

Romwe's Sunny Spiker at 70% off!

While summer is halfway done here in the Philippines, it is just about to start in some other areas around the globe! Of course, summer would never be complete without a trip to the pool or the beach. To look your best during your trip, here comes Romwe's latest swim-wear design: Sunny Spiker Swimwear. It has white cups with black crossed straps design which gives out a casual and sporty vibe.  The best news is that the Sunny Spiker is on sale for only $14.99! 70% off! This sale will last for 40 hours only. :)

Go: http://www.romwe.com/bam--aqr--romwe-slim-sexy-white-bikinifont-stylecolorredfont-p-85490.html

XO, Mish

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