17 May 2014

Red Carpet Fashion at Met Gala 2014

Aside from the various celebrities that the people all look forward to seeing every year, the Met Gala is also famous for the trendy and fashionable clothes that the popular crowd dons. It has been a tradition during the past years that the world looks forward to the designer gowns that the celebrities grace with during the event. These designs do not only become a statement, but they also become a trend.

Photo from Google Images

For the past Met Gala event, I consider the following ladies as the best dressed. They did not only exude elegance and uniqueness, but they also show off amazing confidence in their respective outfits. They are all gorgeous and chic in their own ways.

Photo from Google Images

Aside from the Met Gala Ball, there are several other events and happenings in the Hollywood scene that people look forward to when it comes to fashion. The latest trends and styles in the Hollywood are such a thrill to look forward to as they give us so much inspiration. Good thing there are certain online magazines that are up to date in such news. One of which is the Garven which carries the latest trends in fashion, culture, and celebrities. For more celebrity news, visit http://thegarven.com/celebrities/

XO, Mish

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