05 April 2014

Lens Village - Geo Tri Color Brown Lens CM-902 (Berry Berry Chessy) Review

Wow! I think it has been a year since I last reviewed circle lenses. I have actually already thrown some I have previously reviewed because it has been more than a year since I opened them. Can't believe I've been blogging for that long. Anyway, the lenses that I'll be reviewing in this post is the Geo Tri Color Brown Lens CM-902 (Berry Berry Chessy) from Lensvillage.com!

Diameter : 14mm
Base Curve : 8.60mm
Water Content : 38~42%
Life Span : 1 Year
Power Available : 0.00 to -8.00

Packaging and Service:

As regards contacting and communicating with LensVillage, they were very prompt in responding to emails. They even reminded me after a few days that the package was already sent and all. It was just that the circle lens came in before my final exams so I had to finish the exams first before finally making the review. Nevertheless, I have to give them two thumbs up for the great customer service!

With regard to the packaging, the lenses were safely placed in a bubble wrap packaging to protect it from getting damaged. They also included with the lenses a cute piggy animal case and their equally cute business card. I probably now have three animal cases and they're all from LensVillage! :D They also included an instruction manual, which I think is very, very important, especially to those who'll be using lenses for the first time.

Color, Design, Enlargement and Comfort:

With flash
Without flash, natural lighting

I find this having more of a hazel shade than brown (like the Geo Fresh Brown). I previously used Fresh Look contact lenses in Hazel and this one exudes a color similar to that, only a tad lighter. I cannot see though how this one's a tri color cause I can only recognize the hazel shade in the inner part and the dark brown in the outer part. However, I love how the Geo Tri Color Brown Lens blends into my eyes without completely disappearing. Some brown lenses has the tendency to just fade in away into my dark eyes and they totally lose their purpose.

I did not get too much enlargement from the lenses as these are only 14 mm lenses. I think these are the ones with the smallest diameter you could get from Geo. The Geo Tri Color Brown Lens also doesn't have a visible outer ring to enhance the enlargement of the eyes, which I actually like. I just love natural looking lenses! This one is definitely wearable outside in broad daylight without looking weird or anything. 

As regards the comfort in using it, I actually had no problems even if it has been a long time since I last used circle lens. I was kind of stuck with my glasses during the past few months because I have this tendency to sleep during my bus ride to school. Anyway, I've only used it for 3 hours max and I did not have to use drops every now and then. 

More photos:

You may get your pair now at LensVillage.com! Lensvillage.com is a Malaysian-based online store that carries a wide range of lenses of up to 400+ design and colors including products from GEO Medical, EOS, Dueba and Vassen. Visit their sites:

XO, Mish

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