21 April 2014

High and Low

I am skeptical in wearing crop tops cause I got mommy marks left in my tummy. Not that I am not proud of those but I don't think other people would be happy to see them lol. Anyway, I finally found a great way to wear crop tops without looking trashy or inappropriate, that is, to wear it with a high waist bodycon skirt. 

Romwe crop top, Frontrow Shop skirt

I never thought this maxi skirt from Frontrow Shop would actually look nice on me. This one is actually meant to be as a pencil skirt, but my short legs refrained it from serving its purpose. Let me tell you though that this product has superb quality considering that it came from an online shop. I initially thought it would shorten my already petite physique. On the contrary, it helped give me curves and gave me a classy look.

Hype this look!

With an outfit such as this, I think it would be appropriate to wear it with minimal accessories and a nice pair of sandals to make it look more casual. I prefer this Marikina-made sandals with this look more than anything else. They only costs P100 and are very sturdy. The quality is actually better than those found in the department store. Great find indeed!

Hope you like this look!

XO, Mish



  1. haha I think your "mummy marks" are one of the proudest things any mom could have. and I so get it with the whole crop top thing and not being trashy and all. haha
    This outfit looks fabulous on you though. It's simple yet elegant!

    p/s: I just started blogging again after being demotivated for 6 months (due to insecurities) on my part traveling, part fashion and part personal blog. I hope you can check it out :) http://thelovingrights.blogspot.com/

    1. Thanks, Anne! Will definitely visit your blog! :D

  2. I love this style on you!


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