14 April 2014

Green Gator

I really love dressing up my little man. He looks absolutely adorable on anything! I think most of the items in his wardrobe though are reds and blues so I opted to put on this green shirt which my mom recently got from OshKosh. I think my mom got this during the 3 day sale at SM Fairview. I forgot the price but I think it is around P300. Quite pricey (for me), but definitely worth it!

We've had this pants from the US since Z was less than a year old but we were only able to use it just recently when he gained weight. I cannot even carry him anymore without straining my arms. Before, this pair of pants would drop down to his waist and now, it is only good for a few more months cause it hugs his belly just right.

It's a good thing, too, that we never have to purchase footwear for Z, except for the sandals that he uses at home. I find kids' shoes quite expensive and sometimes, ridiculously priced. :p Everyone (friends and relatives) always gives him a pair so there's no need to purchase for the meantime. This good as new pair is actually a hand-me-down from Kuya Caleb, Tita Alicia Mayer's son. Looks good on him, right?

Top - OshKosh, Pants - Random brand, Shoes - Nike

Z and I rarely go out so I cannot make as much kiddie outfit posts as I want to. And sometimes it's hard to make him stay still for the shots. :p Hope you like this super cute one though!

XO, Mish


  1. Good looking BabyBoy! Love the color of Shirt ;)

  2. Cute little boy. HOPE to see you soon.. ;) i love you both.. ;)


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