02 April 2014

Bold and Colorful: Revealing My Summer Style #TheDumondWay

When I think of summer, I imagine the sand, the sun, and the sea. It is hard not to incorporate summer with the beach! I guess it is something we all look forward to when the season comes. Although we have amazing beaches of our own here in our country, I'd also love to visit other beaches around the world, most especially the gorgeous beaches of Brazil. Think of the Copacabana beach! Although they all have the same elements, each has a unique feature such as the people, culture, or food. Of course, it is one great venue to reveal again and again my summer style!

Although I think it varies every year, my summer style would generally always be something that would remind me of Brazil. Brazil, for me, consists of everything bold and colorful. Nothing sweet nor dainty. I feel like it is a place always filled with adventure. Hence, I came up with this outfit:

Summer in Brazil

Summer wouldn't be complete without denim shorts. They're a must! I paired it with a bright aztec top that will exude all that boldness and color of Brazil. Although I wouldn't don an aztec top every year, it would still definitely be something bright and colorful. Along with those clothing are a cute pair of sunnies and a straw hat to protect me from the heat. I chose a straw hat that is not too girly cause Brazil is about adventure after all. Lastly, I added this comfortable pair of Dumond sandals to complete this look. If you think that this elegant pair wouldn't work with the rest of the items, I do not think so. I believe that our footwear should remain classy and sophisticated no matter what!

Aside from its gorgeous beaches, Brazil is also home to quality footwear and accessories. Dumond, a handbags, shoes and accessories brand from Brazil, offers their equally gorgeous products by incorporating Brazilian fashion elements with a sophisticated and audacious design. They maintain their trendy products through their key characteristics. One of which is that they design their products the Brazilian way. By that, they incorporate the culture of Brazil - all the sexiness, boldness, and liveliness - into their products. They also maintain the premium quality of their products by using only the finest materials and with full dedication in each and every item they produce. Of course, each product must have the beauty at par with that of Brazil. Lastly, it must have an up-to-date style to be able to catch everyone's attention. Better check out Dumond's Spring Summer 2014 collection to see what I am talking about and be ready to fall in love with their jaw-dropping shoes, bags, and accessories!

To know more about Dumond Philippines, visit their sites:

XO, Mish


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  1. Great compilation dear! xoxo



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