25 November 2013

Z's 2nd Birthday Party

Hello guys! Here are some of the photos taken during Z's 2nd birthday party. It was held last November 17 at Mcdonalds Regalado Fairview (again). This time we had the Ronald and the Gang theme for Z's party. My mom and I did not want to stick with a theme anymore since it would cost us more and we just wanted a simple party with family and friends. 

The Ronald and the Gang theme is actually cheaper than the rest of the themes offered at Mcdonalds. Included in this party package are the invitations, loot bags, prizes for kids, and mascots. If you are expecting more kids though, you should probably purchase more prizes and items for the loot bag. The package was more than enough for us cause there were probably less than 10 kids during Z's party. 

Everyone singing Z the birthday song!

Cake blowing
Grimace and Birdie joined Z's party!

As for the food, we reserved 80 set meals which amazingly was just enough for our guests. We actually invited 100+ guests and several of them were not able to make it. As for the cake, we did not bother having a customized one anymore cause it was too pricey and besides, we are not allowed to eat it during the party. We just got a cute bear cake from Tous Les Jour which we ordered the day before. It only costed us less than P600!

We did not bother buying new clothes, as well. Z wore this shirt once when we took our passport and he has not worn it ever since. And besides, we all loved this look on Z especially with his new haircut. :)

On me: Romwe top and skorts
On Z: Benetton shirt, H&M tie and pants

Thank you so much to everyone who celebrated Z's birthday with us and also to everyone in the cyber world who extended their birthday greetings! :D

XO, Mish

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