16 November 2013

To The Greatest Love of My Life...

Hello, love! :)

How are you feeling today? Today's a big day for us! I am pretty sure you're feeling awesome cause you even woke up at around 1 am when I got home from school and dinner with your Ninang Hannah and I think you were telling me how your day went by. I am so sorry I didn't understood most of your words, baby. But do not worry, you'll soon be talking nonstop in a few months. We'll talk about things that fascinate you and I'll (try to) answer your endless questions. I could probably even teach you the Philippine Constitution if you're that eager. :p

Hmmmm... Who would have thought I'd meet you sooner than I expected? I did not know how you make it seem like everything took place at the right time when it is supposed to be the opposite. But then, I'd like to thank you for being there with me (literally) when I graduated college and passed the civil service examinations. You even waited for me to graduate before you came out. I think you even helped me with my final exams. :) You're just so perfect!  You're the greatest blessing I've received in my life and I couldn't ask for more. You have no idea how wonderful you are by just being you and by making the entire family closer when you came. And now, we've hit two years. I seriously cannot believe that it has been two years. Everything went by so fast, don't you think? I hope the terrible twos stage would work out fine for us. I promise to be patient, love. I'll try to keep my cool whenever you have tantrums. I would always be willing to play with you and make a fool of myself if it makes you happy. Good thing though that I am still capable of running after you when you happen to wander off. Let's make more happy memories together, love. Life is amazing!

I may not be a perfect mother. I don't even know if I'll ever be one. I am pretty sure you know how undomesticated I am. Although I have always loved pumping milk for you and cleaning your bottles, I would like to apologize for the numerous imperfections that I have. But I am trying my best, baby. I may not always be present everyday since I have to study and pass the bar for us. I hope you do not take this against me in the future. I know you'll grow up to be understanding and loving. Your lolo, lola, titas, and I are always here to support you and guide you all the way. My only wish for you is that you live a happy life. There may be tough days from time to time, but I wish that you always find the light despite the darkness. Save that for later though, cause for now just enjoy your childhood, love. Be carefree, do the things you want, sing and dance just because, sleep and eat a lot, explore so that you'll learn. But please, do not grow up too fast, baby!

HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY, Z! Mommy loves you so much! :)

PS, I hope you read get to read this when you're already capable of understanding its content. I'll probably save a copy too just in case Google deletes my blog. :p


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