08 November 2013

Shine Bright

Would you believe that it was raining when we took these photos? It was a gloomy Saturday when my family and I left our province and stopped by at a gas station in Pampanga. Nevertheless, the photos were still vibrant (although they're blurred). My sisters and I are still figuring out though how to use the camera through its manual setting. 

Gold Diamond Fox Necklace from Efoxcity
Messy hair, don't care. :)

Hype this look!

I hope you wouldn't mind if I repeat this outfit. I don't have a bottomless closet anyway. And besides, this dress is so pretty that I could actually wear it everyday. It's like I get good vibes by just wearing this dress and good vibes are all we need to get through any day (may it be smooth sailing or rough). I've always been so negative and anxious all the time. It's probably because there is always a pressure on me to do good or to be the best and it is hard to live by such pressure. I realized recently that life is too short and by keeping myself in the company of optimistic people and doing things that make me happy, I could finally change into an optimistic person, not necessarily carefree but someone who glows (not literally :p) and emits positivity. :)

XO, Mish



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