03 November 2013

Preppy Baby

I always thought that it was more fun to play dress up with baby girls than baby boys. Think of all the pink and frills I could make them wear! But then I realized that boys are such a delight to play with in terms of clothing because instead of making them look like cute babies, we tend to make them look like young men (which is way cuter!). Anyway, I'd just like to share with you some of Z's photos which were taken by my crazy sisters. :)

I have no idea why he's playing with a candle. :|:)
Shirt - H&M, Pants - Minibasix, Shoes - given as a gift (forgot the brand!)

Honestly, Baby Gap and H&M have the cutest clothes for baby boys! Unlike the ones which can be found in department stores, their items look like they're actually meant for teenagers (but in mini sizes). I could seriously hoard their items if only they're affordable. Thanks to our relatives and friends abroad who never fail to shower Z with their blessings!

"How do I wear this, mom?"
Z looks like scaring someone here. :p

This outfit was actually styled by my sisters. I think they're already bored with the semester break. Ha ha!  

Hope you liked the photos! :)

XO, Mish


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