05 October 2013

Planning For Z's 2nd Birthday

It's that time of the year again! Lol! I actually did not intend to have another party for Z's 2nd birthday this November, but my mom was insisting on having one. Hence, the spoiled grandson will have a party this year. With more than one month before the big day, I am now looking for suppliers (actually just for the cake, cause I plan to DIY everything else) for his birthday. I have to decide as soon as possible because most of the time suppliers are fully booked already even before weeks from our target dates. Anyway, here are some of the ideas that I came up with (which I based on my planning post from last year):

1. Venue
  • We'll have it again at Mcdonald's Regalado this year because it is the most convenient location we could book considering that my guests would be coming from the Quezon City/Manila area and we live in Bulacan. We were also very satisfied with their service during Z's first birthday party. The food was served on time and the guests, especially the kids, were entertained. The venue and meals are very affordable too as compared to other venues. 

2. Theme

Photo from Google Images
  • Generally, I wanted a Race Car theme for Z's birthday cause he likes cars. Although I wanted to have a Sesame Street themed party, I think Z's not really into it anymore. I think the Sesame Street theme is more complicated, too. I am not sure if I'll use Cars (the movie) as the theme though cause Z's not really familiar with such. 

3. Guest list
  • I have not finalize it yet. But we'll probably have reservations for 80 people again (which was the same number we reserved last year).

4. Costume

Photo from Google Images
  • Of course, Z will have to wear a race car costume. :D I am not sure where to get one, but I'll scout Quiapo and Divi first before resorting to online shops.

5. Invitations and Tarpaulin
  • I will force my sister to do the invites cause she's great with Photoshop and I'll probably send the invites again through a Facebook event. I'll send the invitations coming from Mcdonalds to the oldies. :)
  • We'll definitely use Mcdonald's tarpaulin again. It would save us a lot!

6. Souvenirs
  • For the kids, we'll be giving away the loot bags from Mcdonalds and we'll just probably add more goodies. For the adults, I wanted to get cupcakes (in a cupcake tower) this time. I'll try to look also for sponsors for some of the games during the party and giveaways for the adults. If you're interested in sponsoring, just hit me an email at starmishie(at)ymail(dot)com. :)

7. Cake Supplier
  • I am still looking for a cake supplier for this year's party. However if I won't be able to look for another supplier who could give me a better price, I'd probably stick with Ms. May of Sweetbox Specialty Pastries and Sweets

8. Photo Services
  • Last year's photos were quite a disaster. I am not sure if we'll still avail of photo services or if I'll just assign a permanent photographer (from among my sisters). What happened was we were all so busy that our helper ended up taking the photos during the event. Lol!

I am not particular with the decors cause I think they're just a waste of money. What is important for me is that the people who matter to me and Z are present in the party. But if you have any suggestions, just let me know through commenting below, or sending me an email at starmishie(at)ymail(dot)com, or sending me a tweet at @mishrendon. :D

XO, Mish

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