27 September 2013

Little Rockstar

Hello loves! How's your September so far? Honestly, I hardly felt it lol! I know I've been complaining (a lot) how fast time goes by. But sometimes I feel like time goes by too fast and my academics eats up so much of that time that I am missing out on a lot, such as time for my family and friends, and most especially, for Z. Anyway, Z's turning 2 in two months. I hope his party this year will push through. :) We have no final plans for that yet, but we'll definitely have it in McDonalds Fairview again. I'm thinking of 'Cars' as a theme since he likes his toy cars a lot. We had a Toy Story themed party last year which he didn't really appreciate. :p 

Shirt  from Garfield Apparel. Thank you! :D 

Shoes from Joe Boxer
Grizzly shorts from SM Department Store

Here's what Z wore when we went out last week. He looked like a little rock star with this shirt from Garfield Apparel. All he needs now is a pair of drum sticks to complete his look! The pair of shoes he is wearing here is our go-to shoes for him.They were gift from Z's grand aunt in New York. They're his comfiest and stylish pair of sneakers! Anyway, I'd ie sharing my plans for Z's birthday party in the coming days. :)

XO, Mish


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