24 September 2013

Let Us Support Talia Joy and Romwe's Collaboration!

Remember Talia Joy Castellano? She's the girl who touched the lives of thousands through social media. Her make up tutorial on Youtube earned her 1,192,000 subscribers and 517,000 fans on Facebook.  In addition, she told the story of her fight with cancer through vlogs in an insightful and inspiring way.  During The Ellen Show, she was asked how does she keep her spirits up?  Her answer; “What can I do? Be depressed? A little fish once told me, just keep swimming.”

Talia earned her wings on July 16th after six and half year battle with childhood cancer. August 18th would have been Talia's 14th birthday.

Talia contacted Romwe to join their fashion Vloggers Team last April.  Through this, Talia and Romwe's design team designed several leggings together. Talia have always said that “make up is my wig”. Hence, they came up with makeup-inspired images to be printed on the leggings. However, Talia was not able to enjoy these leggings as she was too sick when the leggings were already manufactured.

To commemorate Talia's great memories, Romwe will donate $5 to Talia's favorite charity, the BASE Camp Children's Foundation, for every pair of leggings sold. Here are some of the designs that they came up with: Lip-print Black-white Leggings, Colorful Lip-print White Leggings, Lipstick Print White Leggings. This event will start from September 27 until October 11 of this year.

Please support this project by Romwe! :D

XO, Mish 

1 comment:

  1. Lovely Talia! I'm so happy so many people are touched by her story. I will check Romwe out to see if I'm able to purchase the leggings!



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