16 September 2013

Kiddie Corporate

Here's a new kiddie outfit post from my little Z. Since I am very busy lately, I take photos of Z's outfits instead of mine. Hope this would suffice for the lack of my ootds. :p This fun business attire is what he wore for our appointment last week. He had to wear something decent, so I settled for a polo shirt and black pants with black leather shoes.

Shirt  - United Colors of Benetton

I love how kids' shirts usually have cool prints on the back. They're so cute!

Pants from Mickey Mouse at SM Department Store
Added this cute bowtie from H&M. Do you like it?  :D

He keeps on running around so some of the photos are blurred. Anyway, this cute pants from Mickey Mouse is something that he could wear for events that calls for casual or smart casual attires. Good thing we got this during the 3 day sale at SM Fairview. :)

XO, Mish


  1. Look at Z in his gingham and bow tie! What a stylish little kid he is :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  2. Hey, awesome post...love it!
    Check out my new post Classic white shirt, and leave your comments, if any!
    much love. x



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