10 August 2013

Top Gun

I've been dying to get a pair of white pants for a long time now. Finding the right pair is quite hard for me cause I have huge, yet short, thighs and legs. Finally, my dreams came true when Chicnova sent me this pair of white skinny jeans a few weeks ago. It is actually a cropped skinny pencil pants that is just right for my length (not as a cropped pants, though). As usual, Chicnova did a great job with the delivery! These came in straight at my doorsteps (without having to pay any customs fee) just a week after ordering.  :)

White Cropped Skinny Pants from Chicnova.com

Musical Note Ring from Dresslink.com, Channel Inspired Bracelet from Bellast.com

Hype this look!

Anchor Necklace from Dresslink

Got these super cute necklace and ring from Dresslink.com. I love them to bits cause they're so pretty.  And I have this addiction with small jewelries lately. However, I've only been using them for a few times, but they seem to turn into a copper-ish color already. Nonetheless, they're adorable!

Shoes from Solemate

Top Gun shirt from Romwe.com

I didn't know that Top Gun was actually a movie. Lol! I've only heard of the Top Gun cheer leading team from the US who won the World Competitions. Anyway, this top from Romwe is so comfy! Just the right weight for the bipolar weather. :D

Hope you like this look!

XO, Mish

PS, Sorry for the blurred photos. I just used my sister's Ipod Touch. My dad took his D5000 (my usual blogging gear) with him to Macau. :)



  1. That is such an awesome top! Love that movie :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  2. As well as lovin' the outfit, I'm obsessed with your hair! It's crazy pretty!!

    ♥ Kat

  3. White pants are THE bomb! You can wear them with pretty much everything! :)


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