15 August 2013

Romwe Flash Sale! (All for $14.99)

Just when I thought Romwe's sale was over, they came up with a new flash sale for all of us! What's great about this sale is that all of the items on the list are only $14.99 each. :D What a deal! All of the items included in the sale were their bestsellers which they have restocked. Anyway, here are some items included in the flash sale that I personally like:

1. Lace Denim Shorts
2. Dark Grey Cardigan
3. Printed Elastic Skirt

Super slim price flash sale!  Only 48 hours!
Hot items back season!  Only $14.99!
Don’t miss it, girls!
GO: http://bit.ly/14Op93O

XO, Mish

PS, Watch out for a bigger sale from Romwe in the coming days! Happy shopping! :D

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