15 August 2013

Early August Shopping at Romwe!

1. Feminine Bowknot Cream Blouse
2. White Bandeau Peplum Dress
3. V-neck White T-shirt

4. Asymmetric White Shorts
5. White Shallow Lace-up Canvas Shoes
6. Pink Rabbit Hand Mirror

I got most of these items on sale! (Hurrah for sales!) The white bandeau dress which was originally sold at $57 was at sale for only $30+. The white origami skorts, on the other hand, are now only $29 each! So check out Romwe.com now cause you might get some items in your wishlist at a discounted price! :D

Don't forget to check out Romwe's sale page, too, cause they post new items almost daily! Anddddddd, they currently have a Back to School Sale with more than 600 items for only $5 and up! :D

So many beautiful and hot items are waiting for you : Oversized Aztec Denim Coat,
ROMWE Vertical Stripe Black-White Leggings , Gold-tone Riveted Mint Jumper, etc.
Go: http://www.romwe.com/SCHOOL-DEAL-c-181.html

XO, Mish

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