12 July 2013

My Glad to be Globe Story: A Day in a Life of a Superwoman

It is hard to play Superwoman. But not when you are young and driven and full of perseverance. Being a full time law student, single parent to a ball of hyper and a blogger in the wee hours of the morning, I barely have time to do other things. I have to maintain a strict schedule so that I could fulfill equally each of the roles I play.  I love what I am doing! Being a mom makes me the happiest person in the world and being a law student empowers me and instills some pride on me.  Being a blogger is just a plus because I really love expressing myself in writing and I get to meet other people who has the same interests. Some people might think I'm crazy cause my life is unimaginable. Probably, what's keeping me sane is the communication I maintain with the people around me.

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So here's how the day goes for a not-so-typical mom/blogger/law student: I spend my mornings playing with my son. We'd usually read his books or watch Team Umizoomi or play outside if it's sunny. Anything goes with Z cause he always have so much energy! Besides I have to maximize my time with him cause it's the only time of the day that I could play with him. By lunch time, I'll be back to memorizing codal provisions and reading Supreme Court cases. Meanwhile, I keep my phone on standby for any updates from my classmates. I seriously do not know what will happen every single day, especially with today's bipolar weather and with my professors' busy schedules. I hate not sticking to my schedule, but I'd rather be informed of changes right away than be unproductive. With Globe's wide range of network, I could be informed right away with urgent matters from them so I could immediately come up with a new schedule.

Playtime with Z!

After lunch, I have to leave my son at home with his nanny when I have to go to school. I commute to and from Bulacan and Manila every single day, by the way. The travel is probably the most tiring part of my life, but it is a sacrifice that I have decided to make. While I'm not around, I find it important to have constant communication with his nanny. Not that I am OC or strict, but I have to know what he's doing at that moment or to check out if he has eaten already or if he was able to drink his vitamins, and so on. With Globe's Unlitext promos, I could conveniently text my son's nanny so I could get an instant update. I do not have to worry about my prepaid load or how many texts do I have left cause it's already covered by my Unli. One word: genius!

At school! (Most of the time reading, memorizing, panicking and multitasking)

Throughout the day, I also have to do blog-related work, that is, to update my social media accounts and check my emails. Blogging does not end with writing a piece. It is also vital for a blogger to reach out to his/her audience through social media. I have to keep my readers updated everyday because I owe everything to them! Also, I have to check my emails every single day, twice or thrice a day if possible. It is where I communicate with people I work with and it is important for me to be speedy in responding to them as a part of my service. Good thing I could effortlessly do that with Globe's Blackberry Max promo. I could easily seal a deal with just a click. Convenient, right?

Story of my life... FOR REAL!
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I could have never maintained this crazy life without Globe. I believe that better communication with the people around us could make our lives easier. Honestly, it has helped me play Superwoman with ease and grace. I may still have two more crazy yet fulfilling years and I don't think it will get any easier. But with Globe, I learned how to keep calm and take things one step at a time cause I'll be able to accomplish anything that my heart desires with lots of perseverance and a strong support group. :)

XO, Mish

This post is my official entry to Nuffnang's Glad to be Globe Blogging Contest.



  1. I can't wait to be a mother... and you go supermom!!!


  2. Lovely blog! <3 would you mind if we follow each other? :)



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