10 July 2013


I've probably never posted so many photos in just one outfit post, ever. So beware! I even decided not to post some other photos anymore because I thought there's already too much. It's just that I had so much fun taking these photos that I was able to come up with more decent shots. :D Anyway, this would also probably my favorite outfit post that I have created so far! It's cute and nerdy and edgy all at the same time! And it is all black, my fave outfit color. :)

Romwe shirt

Watch and Rings from Romwe

Bracelet from Bellast, Skirt from Romwe (weird hand! sorry! :p)

Hype this look!

Eyeglasses from Garfield Apparel

Heels from Lovelywholesale.com (product link HERE)

My favorite part of this outfit would be the heels. Every girl definitely needs a pair of bad ass shoes! I figured  that I cannot do justice to a pair of Jeffrey Campbell so when I saw this pair of spiked stiletto from Lovelywholesale.com, I just have to get it. Luckily, they were only $14.49 and within my shopping budget. :) The order was processed in a jiffy and I received them 2 to 3 weeks after I ordered them. But they are definitely worth the wait! They look exactly the same with the one in the website and the material looks decent enough. This pair is definitely a head turner! And I hope I gave justice to it in this post. :p

By the way, the glasses I am wearing are real prescription glasses. I had the lens of the glasses Garfield Apparel sent me replaced according to my eye grade. I actually love it better than the prescription glasses I recently got! :) 

Till next outfit post! :D

XO, Mish



  1. woof! :) love the look! I love how you accessorized, and how while the outfit is mostly black, the over-all look doesn't look too gothic or punk. I guess it's the shoes that made the difference.

  2. beautiful and cool outfit... and shoes are perfect!!!

  3. Amazing look!!!
    Would you like to follow each other?

  4. Cool outfit. You accessorize really well, which is one of my weaknesses.:( hope to reas more accessories tips from you soon:)


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