16 June 2013


Since today is Father's day, I'd like to dedicate this post to my dad. After all, he bought this lovely dress for me and my sisters. :) Well, my dad is strict and moody. But..... I love him to death because of countless reasons, one of which is because he loves my son so much! He cares about my son as if he was his own (probably because Z's the only boy in the family). Honestly, Z might be his favorite person in the world right now. He drives him to his pedia appointments and he takes him out during weekends. My dad is also my inspiration in pursuing law. See, he took up law before and he had to stop when he was in third year law proper right after I was born. I think there's still time for him to finish his studies despite his age because he's very bright and he loves learning. That's probably one of my many wishes for him cause I know he'll pass the bar examinations for sure.

Necklace from Bellast Jewelry :)

Hype this look!

Faux Leather Watch from Romwe

Solemate Flats

Anyway, I wore this ensemble to school and to a mommy bloggers event last Thursday. I just wore a cardigan over the dress so that the guards would let me enter inside the campus. I also paired up the dress with this beautiful heart-shaped necklace from Bellast to achieve a more sophisticated look. I am definitely thankful that I was wearing a dress that day because it hot during the day so the dress was just perfect to keep me cool. Also, it rained hard in the afternoon. Had I been wearing jeans, I would go home with soaking pants. Seriously, I am considering bringing with me a pair of rain boots to school everyday even if I have to wear a backpack. The flood in Manila is driving me crazy.

XO, Mish

PS. I also accept Father's Day greetings. ;)



  1. What a pretty and basic dress to own! I love it :)

    Trendy Teal

  2. lovely dress, u look great

  3. lovely...
    Stop by LittleMissTwiggy for a new dose of inspiration!!

  4. Very nice dress and I really like the simple plain watch :)
    I also love my dad although we might argue a lot of times.
    Adorable blog btw.

    ♥ Maho

  5. that's a lovely dress ate Mish :))
    new post on my blog btw, hope you could drop by!

  6. You look so cute in this dress!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee


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