30 May 2013

Take Your Next Step with SM Store

I'm sure you would all agree that the SM Store has become a part of our lives in ways that we would have never imagined. It has become a tradition. Remember the times you'd go to the mall with your family and friends for every birthday, graduation, promotion, reunion, or any other occasion? How about the times you'd go shopping whenever the school year is about to start or when Christmas is just around the corner? Sometimes, it's even for no reason at all but just because. My mom would take us shopping in SM for our littlest achievements, say if we got awards in school, finished our chores, or simply behaved well. My family and I have also celebrated every small or big milestone in SM. Not only because it is the nearest mall in our place (SM Fairview, that is), but because it has became a part of our family tradition. This is why I love to shop in the SM Store!

Photo from SM Store's Official Facebook Page

But more than that, SM Store does not merely offer products. Their complete merchandise, affordable prices, friendly salesperson, and easy to locate products has indeed made our lives easier. If there's anything I need, I wouldn't think twice and directly go to SM Store. SM Store has got it all covered if I needed new clothes or accessories for my fashion fix or if I simply need diapers or soap at home. Moreover, they offer products that actually affect each and everyone of us. These products have helped us go through our daily lives and are with us during our best moments. Among the products offered in the SM Store (which is, by the way, endless!), my top pick would be their shoes.

My (overused and abused) Solemate flats!

I use to wear flip flops all the time when I was in college. It was only when I discovered Solemate that I started wearing flats. They got numerous designs in this line which made it hard for me to decide which pair to get. From plain to printed, you name it, they got it! Running on a student budget, I could only afford shoes within my limits. Solemate flats, which costs only P399 for 2 pieces, are definitely something a student like me could afford. They're worth every cent, too! I've used them almost everyday to school and they're still good as new.

Believe it or not, I have actually dreamed of wearing heels every single day. It's kind of a silly dream, I know. Not that it's not physically possible, but I find it hard to attain. I commute everyday to school with 15 minutes walk to and from the campus and the place where I take a ride. I don't think it's possible with that. Not with my sensitive feet which happens to get blisters from wearing high heels.

Dreams do come true little by little. With these heels from Parisian, I could easily don a corporate chic look to school. Commuting in these heels won't be hell because these shoes are super comfy!  They also go well with just about anything. And have I mentioned that they're affordable? This pair costs around P1,000 only and they could last you forever!

Shoes, literally and figuratively, can take us to places. I am pretty sure that not looking presentable in flip flops would not help me become what I wanted to be, that is, to be a lawyer. I should always dress my part! I believe that it should be the first step in making our dreams come true and the SM Store is with us in every step and every milestone. SM Store makes things happen for us by offering affordable and durable shoes. With SM Store's shoes, we could be anything we want and we could achieve our dreams. 

XO, Mish

PS. My son took his first steps with these super affordable shoes I got from SM Department Store. I am pretty sure that the SM Store would likewise be with him in every step that he takes. :)

This post is an entry to the LOVE TO SHOP “Fashion Finds Blogging Contest” by The SM Store (https://www.facebook.com/TheSMStore).



  1. I absolutely love shopping at SM *_*
    this or next year when I am visiting the philippines again
    I will spend a lot of money there~ haha ...


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