09 May 2013

Be Red Carpet Ready with Efoxcity

I am sure that we were all amazed and inspired by the gorgeous and unique gowns worn by our favorite celebrities in the recently held Met Gala. Every girl, in some point of their lives, have dreamed of wearing fabulous gowns and dresses. These dresses, especially designer ones, can cost you thousands of dollars. But in Efoxcity.com, you can get these formal dresses under 100. They can recreate your favorite red carpet looks for a more affordable price!

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Aside from those red carpet looks, they also have homecoming dresses under 100 and discount wedding dresses for your special occasions. It's nice to spend a huge amount for dresses when it comes to important events in our lives. But sometimes we have to be practical and avail of a product that has almost the same quality in a much affordable price. Just in case you're wondering which celebs are on my best dressed list, here's my top 3 Met Gala looks:

(Photos from Google Images)
Miranda K. | Anne H. | Emma W.

Who's on your best dressed list? :)

XO, Mish


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