06 April 2013

The Dark Side

I was trying to look fierce for the outfit shots, but I can't do a fierce face. Ha ha! I don't know why I cannot make a straight face. I guess it's because I am a smiley person (if there is such a term). I can't help but smile every time the shutter clicks. :)

Hype this look!

My skin looks lighter in the photos, don't you think? I guess the IV Glutathione sessions I had with Flawless seem to have already worked! I'll post a more detailed review about my IVG sessions as soon as I am done with the last shot. I might also try some of their other services cause I still have some GCs left. I'm thinking of having a facial although I don't think I need one. :)

I finally gave in and purchased round sunglasses. I see them everywhere and I love the pair I got from Romwe. It sits on my nose perfectly although I need to use my graded contact lenses with them. Speaking of contact lenses, I'll post a new review soon! I haven't had one in a long time and I now have time to make one.

Top - Thrifted
Bandeau Bra - Wacoal
Pants - Jag
Shoes - Shoe Goddess
Sunnies - Romwe.com

Till next post! :)

XO, Mish



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