09 April 2013

Romwe Sale! (50% off on 2nd pair of leggings!)

Do you remember who accompanied you by your side when you are sad?
Do you remember who was more excited than you when you are happy?
Do you remember who hugged you tightly when you are lovelorn?
Do you remember who stood by your side to witness your happiness when you got married?
Maybe it's your mother, your girlfriend or your fans!!!
However, what can you do for them? Maybe they don’t care about this, but I think, a little surprise and greeting can make them feel so warm. It will enhance your friendship, and deeper love for each other!
Why not get a Street Snap of your BESTIE!
Tell the world you're so fortune to have her!
Romwe can meet everyone's wishes!
Right now, you can get a second pair of leggings for 50% price discount!
Half prize but full heart!

Date From: 04/10/2013 to 04/12/2013
Use code: second50%, then you can get it.

I hope everyone can be happy every day!! Friendship will be life long!

XO, Mish


  1. Great notice! I din't know nothing about it!:)
    Would you like to follow each other on bloglovin and gfc??????let me know it!:)

  2. They have some great leggings! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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