21 April 2013

Eyecandys.com GEO Tri-Color World Green CM-903 Review

I've had this GEO Tri-Color World Green lenses for a long time now, but I only had the time to review it just recently. This pair from Eyecandys.com actually came in with the GEO Tri-Color World Gray which I have previously reviewed. :)

Origin: South Korea
Water content: 38%
Diameter: 14.0 mm (Note: As of Mar. 2012, GEO packaging states 14.2mm, but the printed design remains 14.0mm)
Base Curve: 8.6
Duration: 1 year disposable 

Packaging, Delivery, and Service:

As I have previously mentioned in my recent review, their lenses were packed well and were placed in a bubble wrap to prevent any damage. Together with the GEO Tri-Color World Green lenses are clear contact lens cases which I prefer more than colored animal ones. I mean, the colored animal cases are cute, but when it comes to function, circle lenses are easier to maintain in clear cases. Eyecandys.com also included this detailed (and super cute) instructions on how to clean and maintain your lenses as well as how to put it on and remove it safely.

The service rendered by Eyecandys.com was also commendable. The package took quite some time to arrive cause it was sent to me during Christmas season, but Eyecandys.com was very prompt in responding to my emails and queries. :)

Color, Design, Enlargement and Comfort:

With flash
Without flash/Natural lighting

The GEO Tri-Color World Green lenses are more vibrant than I expected. I once had green lenses of the same shade which turned out really dark on my eyes. But this one looks really visible on my eyes. I guess it's the yellow-green shade in the inner eye that makes the lenses seem bright. I also love how the color blends in my eyes. The tri-color feature of the lenses is really amazing cause it gives the lenses a more natural look than giving out a doll-eye look.

Aside from the tri-color feature, the print of the lenses make it appear more natural too! Just like my GEO Tri-World Gray lenses, the print of this one is not that visible when worn. This lenses also do not have a visible outer ring unlike other lenses, which I personally prefer.

I have not seen any enlargement of the eyes when wearing the GEO Tri-Color World Green lenses. They are only 14.00mm lenses so they are just the right size to cover up the eye. The lack of the outer ring in the lenses also minimizes the enlargement effect of the lenses.

These lenses are amazing in terms of comfort. Although I have not used them for more than 4 hours, I did not feel any problems while wearing them. 

More photos:

This lenses are absolutely elegant! The color is very vibrant and gorgeous and it suits my preference for more natural looking lenses. Although I would wear this one probably at night, but not in broad daylight because of its intense color. I would say that the GEO Tri-Color World Gray is still my favorite. But this one would definitely my go-to lenses during the night. :) See more of Eyecandys.com products here:

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XO, Mish


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