28 March 2013

New In: Punk!

I know it is untimely for me to purchase leather jackets because summer is already here, but I just had to cross one item from my Mish's wishlist. :) I've always wanted to own a leather jacket cause it looks mysterious and tough. I hope I could use it soon in a cold summer night!

Lapel Slim Fit Black Leather Jacket ($78.99) - Romwe.com c/o Catsuits-latex.com

Shoulder Knot Leather Jacket ($67.99) - Romwe.com c/o Catsuit-latex.com

UV Protection Round Sunglasses ($13.99) - Romwe.com

I fell in love more with the jacket once I have fitted it. It is too perfect and the material is not thick. I can't wait to wear it come the rainy season. If you have noticed, I got two leather jackets. I got the other one as a birthday present for one of my best friends. :) 

XO, Mish


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