06 March 2013

Nautical Stripes

I swear this ensemble could have been much better and more nautical looking if I was wearing white pants! Unfortunately, I don't have one and I don't think I'll ever get one cause it makes my thighs look way bigger and my legs shorter. :p

This pair of shoes was actually given to me by a classmate last Valentines Day. We exchanged gifts. I gave her sexy lingerie and I think she liked it. Ha ha!

Hype this look!

I did not really intend to include Z in this post. But when I saw these photos taken by my sister, I could not resist posting them cause we have matching outfits! :) I guess you'll be seeing more posts like this now that Z can now walk and stand on his own.

Mr. Independent! :D

On me:
Top - Unica Hija
Pants - Levi's
Necklace - c/o Romwe
Bag - Lacoste
Shoes - Random brand

On Z:
Top and Shorts- Random brand
Shoes - SM Department Store

Hope you like this matching outfits! :)

XO, Mish



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  2. Aww, you and Z match! :D
    Your son is just so adorable - like his momma! Haha, I love the nautical theme. Although I'd love to see you wear some white jeans! You should try a skinny fit, crop length pair. I bet you'd look fantastic in it :)

    Trendy Teal

  3. I'm a huge fan of stripes! This is a really cute top and I like the necklace with it too! Ofcourse the shoes are awesome too :)

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  4. gorgeous outfit.

  5. Lovely loafers!! I invite you to visit my blog :)

  6. Your baby is too cute! Like the loafers and your haircut :)
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