11 December 2012

Shop Feature: Spud 'n Squishy Baby Shop

Buying stuff for Z is definitely one of my weaknesses. Those cutie patootie baby clothes and shoes make me drool more than a pair of black patent stilettos. :) When I first heard of Spud 'n Squishy Baby Shop,  I definitely got excited. Not only do they offer adorable baby products, their products are also certified eco-friendly, natural, organic, and has the best-quality.

Spud 'n Squishy Baby Shop is named after the owners' equally adorable boys, Spud and Squishy. :) Cute nicknames, too, right? The aim of the owners of Spud 'n Squishy is to provide mommies and daddies with safe and trusted baby products that they have used themselves. With that, parents can be assured that these products are not just gentle on babies, but also practical and affordable.

If you haven't started your Christmas shopping for your kids, nieces and nephews or godchildren yet, better check out Spud 'n Squishy Baby Shop's products. I am sure that you'll find something that you'll love. :)

Here are my top picks from their shop:

Baby and Toddler Boys' eSPUDrilles by Spud 'n Squishy - P410

Doomagic Mickey Mouse Romper - P480
Perfect for Christmas or any occasion. :)

Superman Costume Swimsuit - P620
I've been itching to get one for our upcoming Laiya trip, but Z's lola being excited and all already got him a swimsuit.  Maybe next time. :)

They also offer Baby Leaf cloth diapers which may be used in lieu of the regular disposable diapers, Human Heart Nature products, cute headband and accessories from Dainty Ashley Hair Trinkets, Eco Organic Baby Products products and more! Please do check out their guidelines before placing an order. :)

Be sure to place your orders before December 15 cause that will be their last shipping for the year. However, shipping will resume on January 3 so you can still place your orders. Happy shopping mommies and daddies!

You may reach them at these sites:
Website - http://spudnsquishybabyshop.com/
Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/SpudNSquishyBabyShop
Twitter - http://twitter.com/spudnsquishy
Tumblr - http://spudnsquishy.tumblr.com/
Google+ - https://plus.google.com/106177414676833998162/posts
Multiply - http://spudnsquishy.multiply.com/

XO, Mish


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