23 December 2012

Red, Black and Gold

Christmas Outfit

I've always dreamed of spending Christmas somewhere cold. I've spent Christmas with my family here in the sunny Philippines, either at our house in Bulacan or at the province, all my life. I wish to have a white Christmas for a change. It bet it would be extra fun now that Z's here. I haven't decided where exactly yet though. But here's what I imagine: I'll be with my family, of course. We'll be sipping hot chocolate while opening our presents near the Christmas tree. There will be a fireplace nearby to keep us warm. Well, that would have to wait. :p

For the meantime, here's what I dream of wearing on Christmas day, without the coat of course unless I want to die of heat stroke. Lol! A red, black and gold ensemble is so classy and always fool-proof. This simple red dress from Romwe paired with that cute belt from Oasap is just so cute! The bag from Oasap, earrings from Chicnova and shoes from Wholesale-dress.net make the whole look chic. There's so much great finds online! What do you girls think? :)

Have you prepared what to wear for the holidays already?

XO, Mish


  1. beautiful post!!:):)Your blog is so lovely! I'm thinking, if you want, we can follow each other! It would be great!!
    xoxo Gloria

  2. Love these colors together.

    Merry Christmas!

    Jennifer | My Scrambled Style

  3. _________________* 
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  4. thanks for following back.. I love the pink jacket
    and the red dress by way and nice post!~


  5. Love the red dress. Merry Christmas, Mish!!


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