20 December 2012

Dear Santa...

My Christmas Wishlist by starmishie

Hello girls! Have you completed your Christmas wishlist yet? There are actually more items that I wanted to include in this list but let's be realistic, I can't have them all. Haha! I am actually already satisfied with the Lacoste bag I got from my mom, but here's the rest of mine:
  1. Heart Cut Out Dress from Romwe.com - So adorable! I'd wear this all the time. :p
  2. Cat Face Dress from Romwe.com - Who could not resist this dress? It's so cute!
  3. Heart Charm Bracelet Watch from Oasap.com - I've always wanted a silver or gold watch to match my corporate-ish outfits. This one is just perfect!
  4. Candy Colored Blazer from Oasap.com - One cannot have too many blazers in law school.
  5. No Heel Wedges from Oasap.com - I need one badasssssss shoes. :)
  6. Apricot Lace Boots from Wholesale-dress.net - I've been wanting to have one for so long. :(
  7. Skull Envelope Bag from Wholesale-dress.net - I need a nice clutch for everyday use.
Aside from those, I want to have a new pair of brown prescription circle lens. I lost one of my GEO Fresh Browns from Lensvillage.com for some reason and it was my favorite pair! I'm stuck with my glasses for the past weeks. I would also like to have my own blog domain! Would http://mishrendon.com or http://lbdandonesies.com would be nice? :)

There you go! I hope Santa's reading my blog. Teehee! What's on your list?

XO, Mish


  1. Wow so many great stuff! <3 i would sure like to receive them all as christmas gifts!!! <3

    take a look at my latest post to feel a christmasy atmosphere on:

  2. Sis, I love that heart cut-out dress, too!
    And i ordered that skull envelope clutch from ROMWE. :)
    Get yours na din! :))

    Happy holidays!!

    Jenna of Daydreamer Fashionista. ♥

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    1. Next time sis! Haha! I was eyeing on something else kasi kaya I bought that one na.

  3. I'd also love to have a bowler hat.

  4. Lovely wish list! Mine is so huge)))

  5. These gray shoes or platforms are ammmmmmmmmmazing!

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  6. I love the boots.. n craving for it too :D

  7. Love all the items on your wishlist. :)

  8. such a cute board, I want the litas too =)

  9. UH, i don't make christmas wishlist since what i want for this year are all complete..I even got 2 holiday, one for christmas and one for April 2013. I can't ask for more or i'll be a selfish girl i think..LOL~

    i wish your wishlist will come true, dear! You've a good wishlist~


  10. Oh my gosh, I've been wanting that cat dress as well (but in black)! >u<
    Making my wishlist right now~ xD

  11. Your wishlist just made me want to add a whole new page to mine...eek! So many cute things! xx

    Twenties Girl Style
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  12. great wishlist :)

  13. I like the catface dress from Romwe... Really nice choice


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