25 November 2012

Z's Now 1!

You probably all know that I am a young mommy. Having Z was really unexpected. I won't say it was a mistake, but merely something or someone that I did not expect at that point of my life. But nonetheless, I came to accept what was given to me and I couldn't be any happier. His smiles, his milestones, his laughter, even his cries makes me happy. I learned how to love someone more than myself without any pretensions and I can truly say that I'll do anything for this person without any hesitations. Z's now one year old and time really goes by so fast! In no time, he'll be talking nonstop and running everywhere. But I'd rather take things one stop at a time and enjoy every moment and every milestone that he achieves. I wish my son all the best things in the world that's why I am doing my best as well to finish law school and eventually become a lawyer. I wish for him to be a good and wise boy when he grows older. But baby, please don't grow up too fast! :)



  1. I hear you! Kids grow up so fast these days!

  2. so sweet !!!!! he is cute !!!! they grow up so fast !!!!! i agree!!!!!!

  3. Such a cutie! Happy Birthday, Z! :)

  4. what a sweet baby!! Happy B-Day to him! =) I'm sure he'll be as stylish as his mom ;)

    1. We'll be doing outfit posts soon. Haha! Thanks, Sasha!

  5. oh he so cuter evrtime i see his pic.
    a great blessing indeed dear, enjoy all the lil things before he's all grown up and independent.

    kisses for both of you.

  6. yes you're young but you love your baby and it's the best things that a mam could do :) where is love there is a true mom <3

  7. Happy B'day! he is sooo lovely.

    thank you for visiting my blog and following ;)



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