10 November 2012

Poor Z

As some of you may know from my Facebook page, my little boy had dengue recently. He probably caught it while we were in the province. He had on and off fever, but he was still very playful so no one thought that he had dengue until we saw rashes in his arms. We brought him to the hospital when his fever recurred and the dengue test turned out positive. We had no choice but to confine him in the hospital to be observed.

Nonetheless, I am thankful that his fever never returned after his temperature was checked in the ER and his platelets were high at 350+ after two series of CBC tests. Z may be fine now but the trauma he had at the hospital due to the dextrose and all the blood testing was very stressing. And if ever he will have dengue again, it will be for sure worse.

I would still like to thank all the nurses and his pedia at the Commonwealth Hospital and Medical Center who took good care of my son. Also, thank God for Philhealth because our hospital bills became way less because of the discount. Lastly, I would like to thank God for keeping my son safe and strong despite the illness that he had.

Stay safe everyone! :)

XO, Mish


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