20 September 2012

Uniqso GEO - XCM215 Super Angel Grey Circle Lens Review

Hello guys! I'll be reviewing another pair of circle lens yet again. The one I'll be reviewing in this post is the GEO - XCM215 Super Angel Grey from Uniqso.com. This is actually the third grey lenses I have tried, and I don't think I'll ever get tired of them because the color suits my skin really well and I don't need to wear my glasses, too. :p

Photo from Uniqso's site

Info about the GEO - XCM215 Super Angel Grey from Uniqso.com:

Manufacturer: GEO Medical
Diameter: 14.80mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.60
Available Power: 0 to -7.00
Place of Origin: Korea

Packaging and Service:

Again, Uniqso has never failed to respond promptly to my emails and queries. They also sent the package right away! I received it around 2 weeks after they informed me about the review. Sometimes, the delay is actually caused by the local post office, but I have no complaints because they deliver my packages straight to my home. :)

Uniqso also has the cutest packaging in my opinion. The vials were secured not only by that cute little box that contains them, but also the bubble wrap around and in between them. The contact lens case is also cute and properly labeled to prevent the mixing up of the lenses, especially in my case because I have different eye grades.

Color, Design, Enlargement and Comfort:

No flash, natural lighting
With flash

The color is very pretty! The grayness of the lens is just right. Not too light, not too dark. It blends really well with my eyes. The design is definitely visible. It is not discreet nor subtle at all. It does not appear pixelated while worn, however, the print is really visible in photos.

The enlargement is amazing! These are 14.8mm lenses so they are huge by themselves. But with the thick limbal ring, my eyes seem much bigger. I think the enlargement is much more visible here than with the Dolly Eye Dreamy I Grey, even if they're just the same size.

Since these are larger circle lenses, I had a hard time putting them on. :p But you'll never ever get it reversed because of the print. When worn, you can still feel the edges of the lenses at first. But as you wear them longer, they get really comfortable or maybe you just get used to them. However, I haven't worn them for 5 hours and they I needed to use some solution in my eyes every now and then to prevent the lenses in my eyes from drying.

More photos:

Makeup used:
Revlon Colorstay 12 Hour Eyeshadow in Neutral Khakis
Revlon Blast Flipstick in Pucker
Mary Kay Mineral Foundation
Yanqina Eyeliner from Uniqso.com

Overall, it's a nice pair for cosplay or events, but not for everyday use (unless you want weird looks from people). It's comfortable in the first few hours but needs solution thereafter. The design and color is great and the enlargement is just wow! Also, Uniqso people are really accommodating and nice. :)

Don't forget to check out Uniqso.com now to get your own pair of circle lens. By the way, you can buy the lenses that I featured HERE! Use the discount code MFR10 to get a 10% discount from your purchases. :) Also, please check out also the promotions and reward programs they are offering in their website!

Website - http://uniqso.com
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Uniqso/131027716972299

PS. Want to win your own pair of circle lens? Join my giveaway with Uniqso HERE! :)

XO, Mish


  1. This contact lens colour looks great on you!! I love geo contact lens :)


  2. Such a beautiful colour and it really suits you! I wish I could wear contacts! I can never get them on my eye and when I do they only last a few seconds before my eyes water them out :o(

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    1. Awww that's so unfortunate! you just need to practice! :)

  3. I love grey lenses. They look mysterious.

    Anyway, I envy you coz the package was delivered to your house. As for me, I always have to go to the post office to have it picked up. :(

    1. I agree! Some posts office nga do that. The disadvantage with my situation is that they come in later than usual.

  4. These look so good on you! I'm a massive fan of grey lenses, I may have to get myself some of these!

  5. Those look cool!


  6. Super bagay sayo! It makes your eyes more round and pretty! :)

  7. Cool lenses, these are classic ^^

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