23 September 2012

Shop Feature: Shy Shop

If there is one word that will describe Shy Shop, it would be cool! Their products are absolutely the coolest I've seen among online shops. They sell novelty items, accessories, bags and wallets among others. They actually offer tons of products and choosing your favorite item from their shop would be so difficult. But nonetheless, I made a list. :)

Here are my favorite Shy Shop items:

Candy Slim Wallets - P120

Dress Up Jewelry Organizer - P180

This would be perfect for my messy accessories. :)

Ice Lolly Umbrella - P80

Anchor Stripe Pouch - P125

Spin Pins - P65/pack

Cheaper than the ones from the mall!

Funny Kids Raincoat - P185

I wonder how would Z look in them. :)

Super Mini Pochi Purse - P100

The Incredible Gyro Bowl - P120

This is perfect for Z now that he's now eating a lot!

Canon Lens Cup - P260

Cool! Nuff said.

Bangs Curler Clip - P40
I have really flat and limp hair and I think I need this one. :)

Beauty Eye Mask with Gel Pad - P75

See what I mean? :) There are actually other products that I like as well, but these ones are my most favorite! I think that their products are not shy, at all, of cuteness and affordability. Shy Shop is based in Marikina but they ship their products anywhere within the country. :) Please do check out their shop and don't forget to like their Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/ShyShop

Anyway, Shy Shop sent me some products to share to you, my lovely readers! 

Want to win these? Check out this giveaway here: http://starmishie.blogspot.com/2012/09/birthday-giveaway-part-2-local-lovin.html :)

XO, Mish


  1. so many cute accessories! thanks for sharing <3

  2. cool! I really like the camera lens cup :)


  3. These items are so delightful :D I'lll have to check out the store :) xx


  4. They have some really cute things! I love the little frog jumper for the babies! haha!
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  5. Hello my dear,

    Awesome post! Such a great photos!

    Lots of love,



  6. i wan the Dress Up Jewelry Organizer, really would be of great help


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