07 September 2012

Shop Feature: Churbish Shop

I love it when a shop has (almost) everything that you needed. It saves you not just time, but also effort and money. There are numerous online shops in the market today, but only few have the "complete package". I'd consider Churbish Shop as one of those. They're an online shop based in Rizal. Not only they sell clothes, but they also offer accessories, satchel bags, made to order shoes and more! To top that off, the seller, Ms. Joyce, is really nice and accomodating. :)

Anyway, here are some of my favorite from their shop:

Satchel Bag
I've always wanted one! :) Teehee! The color is so pretty, right?

Bandage Skirts!
Men's Shirt
I actually prefer men's shirt over women's. They're loose and comfy! :)

My favorite is the collar one!

Palazzo Pants
Spiked Bracelet
I actually already have a neon one and I love it! :)

Not only Churbish Shop's products super cute, they are also really affordable! To check out individual prices, please go HERE! They also offer Wholesale and Reselling Packages for those who wants to earn money. 

Anyway, please do watch out for a giveaway wth Churbish Shop c/o Ms. Joyce. For the mean time, please like their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/churbishshop and follow them on twitter: http://twitter.com/churbishshop.

XO, Mish


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