01 September 2012

My Birthday Wishlist

I am sooo bad in making collages! :p Anyway, I would like to share to you a wishlist that I made for my upcoming birthday. I am getting old. :|:)

1. Short Hair Cut
- This shouldn't really be in a wishlist because it's so easy to achieve. But what I am really wishing for is that I gain courage to cut my hair which I have grown long for years. The last time I had a short hair cut was when I was still in high school. It's just so hard to let go of my hair!

2. Neon Accessories
- I saw some in Quiapo, but I didn't have enough money because I bought some accessories for my camera. Will probably come back next week to finally get them! The spiked neon bracelets are my favorite!

3. MAC Lipstick
- I want to have my own MAC Lipstick. Most preferably in Ruby Woo or Pink Noveau. :)

4. Nude Brogues
- I am tired of wearing ballet flats. These flats feels mannish and edgier, yet comfortable. I am a size US6 by the way!

5. Black Asymmetrical Dress
- They are pretty! Nuff said.

6. Jeffrey Campbell Litas
- I don't mind getting dupes haha! I have always wanted to have my own pair ever since, but photocopying cases pretty much eats up my allowance. I want this most preferably in black or nude. :)

7. Sweets!
- I love macaroons and donuts and chocolates. I would eat anything and I don't mind getting fat!

8. Nude/Beige Blazer
- I already have a black one and I'd love to own a nude one too so I could wear them in school.

9. Pink Satchel
- Aside from being so pretty, satchels also look professional and polished. I'd use this to school everyday! :)

10. Trip to Europe
- I'd swim to Europe if I could. HAHA! But seriously, Europe just fascinates me. The people, culture, food, language, everything! I hope I could go there with my whole family, including Z. :)

11. Black Pants
- This is something I really need! I always wear jeans to school and they seem too casual. I am gradually changing my school clothes with more professional looking pieces to make me look presentable.

As for the non material ones, I wish good health and more blessings for me and my family. I also wish that people would still continue and support my blog. My ultimate wish would be that I survive law school in the next four years and that I eventually become the person I have always wanted and dreamed to be. :)

PS. I hope my parents see this post. Haha!

PPS. I wish everyone more blessings as well. :)

XO, Mish

Some items featured are from Oasap, Zalora, In Love With Fashion and Wholesale-Dress. 


  1. Oh, it's my birth month too. Good luck with the list.

  2. Looks lovely! You really should try the macarons, I love macarons and the
    macarons from laduree are the best! If you ever going to france you should
    try them there! ^^

  3. brilliant wishlist!!

    love the dress & heels!!


  4. great wishlist! i love both of those MAC shades

    from helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com // @thelovecatsinc

  5. I know how hard it is letting your hair go!!! I am in the same position right now!!Could you please consider following each other? www.shineonbyandrea.blogspot.com
    Twitter: @shineonbyandrea
    Youtube: www.yotube.com/user/shineonbyandrea

  6. Hi!Great post and really lovely blog!<3
    What do you think about following?

  7. Good luck for the new year :) I think you might as well go for the chop while you can - it might get harder to make more edgier choices when you are "officially adult" and have a professional image to maintain so take a risk now! Also completely hearing you on the oxfords - I can't decide between classic oxfords or saddleshoes but I'm pretty sure I need a pair!


    1. Wow! Thanks for sharing! You just gave me courage to do so! I need little more encouragement! HAHA! :)

  8. i loved the jeffreys <3

  9. Lovely blog and u r amazing! :) success in fulfilling dreams!

    Love, Weronika

  10. Love your blog!Hope you'll love mine and follow me back)


  11. ohh Love the mac lippie & jeffrey's! :D


  12. Great wish list! A pink satchel sounds great ^^


  13. i want the same litas!



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